The Ville Ky

Help us work for a better future for Louisville

Help Us Work for a Better Future for Louisville

Our city is at a crossroads – will it provide high quality public services like education, police protection, roads, water and sewer at a reasonable price to promote healthy growth, or will it take a different path, driving people and businesses away due to poor quality public services at high prices? 
Government has a tendency to grow too large and unaccountable unless there is an effective citizens’ group pushing back in favor of the taxpayers’ interests.  A group that helps ensure that the taxpayers get their money’s worth for all the taxes and fees they pay. 
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Our goal is to be that group, looking out for the interests of the citizens and taxpayers and pushing our community toward healthy growth and away from wasteful spending and decline.  We hope you will join us!

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The Ville Ky will take on causes that support the community. Contribute to the cause for a better Louisville.  If you would like to contribute by mailing us a check, you can make it out to, Inc. and mail it c/o Theresa Camoriano, 11508 E. Arbor Dr., Louisville, KY 40223.